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Computers are like automobiles - they need periodic maintenance or they will fail. If your PC or network is more than a year old and performance seems slow, your PC crashes frequently, your network shows a lot of suspicious activity or if you're concerned about a virus infection then you should take quick action. We come to your residence and do the work.

No need to take anything apart and leave it at a store with strangers!

Comtex Technologies makes Information Technology and Management straight forward, transparent and easy for you. We take care of the details, allowing you to focus on your business.

Home PC and Networking & Servers

A periodic check-up can make a big difference in how your PC and network Perform. Viruses, spy-ware, old files, and lack of updates all affect performance.

  • PC Health check - diagnostics and tuning for optimal performance
  • Viruses and spy-ware checking, cleaning and prevention
  • Security enhancements to help protect your PC
  • Connection between several PC‘s and/or printers in a home network
  • Operating Systems updates, patches and automated downloads for keeping the software up to date as well as Scheduled Maintenance Service
  • Advice on upgrades to your PC, printer or network and installation services
  • One-on-one training and coaching on what to do to keep your PC up to date
  • Advice on the purchase of replacement PC‘s or newer technology
  • Services to get every thing up and running once again!

W ireless Access

With speeds comparable to wired networks, wireless makes great sense to quickly network and share information and technology in the home.

  • Advice, design and installation of wireless networks
  • Security implementation to protect unauthorized access to your network.
  • Troubleshooting and correction of wireless issues and access

Routers and Firewalls

Home networks and PC‘s need complete protection to deal with the constant onslaught of viruses and spy-ware as well as hackers trying to access your machine or network.

  • Implementation of a hardware router to —hide” your PC‘s from the internet
  • Firewall setups for PC that connect to the internet

Data Backup and Recovery

Ensure your valuable data is regularly backed up in case of problems or if you purchase a new PC and want all of your current data migrated over.

  • Data backups to other PC‘s CD-ROM‘s or other media
  • Migration of data from one PC to another
  • Recovery of data from hard drives due to failure
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