Do you need a trusted advisor to guide your IT strategy and help you build a strong information security posture?

A component of CTC vCIO Services, our IT Governance Services grant you access to seasoned industry experts who provide strategic insight for your IT and information security (IS) strategy and help you prepare for future needs.

For some financial institutions, hiring and retaining full-time executive IT and security roles—such as a chief information officer (CIO) or a chief information security officer (CISO)—isn’t always possible. CSI’s IT Governance Services give your institution access to experienced industry professionals who will ensure your IT and security strategy supports your institution’s goals.

vCIO Services: Gain a dedicated strategic advisor to assist your institution in setting goals, outlining events, establishing dates, tracking progression, planning budgets and providing accountability. You’ll also receive guidance on cyber insurance as well as risk appetite statement review and assistance.

Cyber Security risks to institutions continue to rise, both in volume and sophistication. IT security managers need complete visibility of all their network areas, including cloud-based systems and IT infrastructure, in order to meet enhanced regulatory controls. Our full suite of cybersecurity monitoring tools provides your institution with around-the-clock threat protection to enhance your cybersecurity posture.