The principal function of ERP solutions is to integrate business functions and processes into a unified platform across multiple departments.  Information is stored in a single system, breaking down data silos and eliminating the need for custom integrations between multiple standalone solutions.  This centralization of data streamlines the means of accessing and inputting new data leading to greater efficiency company-wide, freeing up employees to more efficiently handle the increasing demands of a growing business and minimizing the need to hire additional staff.

M365 & SharePoint Management: Managing and maintaining a SharePoint infrastructure requires good understanding of SharePoint, Network Security, Active Directory, Performance Optimization Techniques, Backup & Recovery Procedures etc. CTC can assist hard pressed IT teams with managing & maintaining your SharePoint infrastructure to ensure security, high performance, high availability, and high scalability at all times.

ServiceNow services cater to organizations of all types, including enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. These services help organizations improve their IT operations, enhance employee and customer experiences, ensure compliance, and drive business growth by aligning IT with overall business objectives. Our ServiceNow support services provide the necessary maintenance, troubleshooting, and enhancements to keep the platform running smoothly.